August 5, 2017, 7 pm

The Tuck Ryan Band A soulful blend of Americana, Blues and Jazz. Tuck will be sharing songs from his latest album “Warmest Blue.”

Tuck Ryan’s sounds can best be described as Mountain Soul. His smooth New Orleans style vocals and piano playing are backed with a tight rhythm section that takes it’s cues from the Americana heroes The Band and Little Feat. If it doesn’t have soul, Tuck isn’t interested. That’s obvious if you’ve ever seen him live. He’s authentic. From behind the piano he gives his audience everything –making his songs the soundtrack of the evening to set the mood off just right. He values creating a vibe that everyone can enjoy and tries to deliver something that allows his audience to kick back and groove right along with him.

Second Sky Unique take on electronic pop combines global rhythms and soaring melodies. The sound is equal parts modern and nostalgic. Second Sky is the trio of Billy Medina, Wes DiIorio and Bill Speakman. The sound they create blends past with future, and organic with electronic.

With a foundation in Trip-Hop, the band’s music blends elements of Pop, Classical Indian Music, Shoegaze, Chillwave, Disco and more into a concoction that always manages to come out sounding distinctly Second Sky.