As we celebrate our 40th annual art festival,
we take you back to 1979 for a look at our first year!

Pictured above: Royce Yoder and his wife, Marci, in the 1979 show. Royce has exhibited with our festival many times, and will be an exhibiting artist this year as well!

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1979 Exhibiting Artist

Altiand, Lloyd
Berger, Denis
Binetti, Ray and Suzanne
Broadbent, Barbara
Broadbent, Richard
Burns, Thom
Carl, Mary
Carpenter, Alfred B.
Cheng, Hou Tien
Cohen, Nancy T.
Comma, Sandi
Cook, James
Crooks, Phillip
Crouse, G. Atlee
DeFilippis, Rod
Demichele, Pat
Doster, Joe
Drybred, Patricia
Esbenshade, Donald
Esbenshade, Dorothy
Evans, James
Faires, Sue
Faulkner, Richard & Marion
Faust, Richard
Fitzgerald, Hugh
Gerhart, Stephen
Gaudreau, Paul
Gohn, Charles & Randy
Gray, Sam
Hamilton, Lou
Harnish, John & Stephanie
Heimback, Terry
lgou, Ronald
Kennelly, Boni
Kermes, Constantine
Lambert, Carol
Lehman, Sylvia
Logan, George
Marraccina, LeeAngelo
Martin, Ray
McDonald, Marci
McMichael, Joe& Rheba
Merritt, James
Miller, Clint
Miller, Doris Jean
Moore, George
Morgan, Richard
Musser, Ronald
Nerz, Leslie
Ohrstrom, Thomas
Paules, Todd & William
Payne, L. E.
Persson, Meribeth
Peterson, Lorraine
Powers, James
Rinehart, Ethel P.
Ross, Linda Mylin
Rowe, Charles
Seyess, Royer J.
Shepps, Averill B.
Sherman, Robert
Shoey,Emile A.
Smith, V. T.
Smolcha, R. P.
Spengler, Barbara J.
Spicer, Beverly
Stabley, David
Stevens-Sollman, Jeanne L.
Sullo, Glenn & Lorraine
Trader, Dick & Jam
Tseo, George
Wald, Jean
Wallace, Gene
Weidman, Dick
Winston, David
Witt, Lovell, Allen
Yeager, Darryl A.
Yoder, Royce & Marcia
Ziegler, John